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Libbys Food Blog - February Edition

Libby’s Food Blog – February Edition

Libby Kurt February 8, 2022

Hi everyone! For those of you who read the Howl last year, welcome back! You may remember  Libby Food Blog from last year, where my friend, Libby F. wrote about food. I have the pleasure of taking over...

2021- Fall Music Review

2021- Fall Music Review

Theo Scheer, Writer October 29, 2021

Like a prophetic vision from above, or at least a good waiter, I come to you today bearing the latest and greatest gifts of my ongoing quest to find and share the best music there is. I now open up...

We analyze Wallace’s analysis on the morality of eating lobsters. (Image Credit: Flickr)

Considering “Consider the Lobster”

Libby Kurt and Emalee Anderson, Writer October 4, 2021

  In September((Calm down, this whole article is satire. Please don’t take it too seriously. Or do I don't care.)), Northern’s AP Language students spent weeks analyzing, highlighting, analyzing...

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