Senior Retreat Recap: A Two Sided Story: Part 2


For me, Senior Retreat was a memorable experience for all the wrong reasons. Getting off the cramped bus ride, I had a lot of hope for the day ahead. It started off strong with a multitude of things to do. Ziplines, swings, climbing poles, and many more activities were available from the get-go. The only problem is: few people actually got to do these activities due to the time it took to get on them. The zipline, for instance, had people put on a helmet and a harness, then climb a spider web-like rope wall to the top of a large platform, then wait for the people who were already up there to go, then finally go themselves, and by that time, ten minutes had passed. I stayed in that line forever, thinking that I would eventually get my turn, but long before 12:30, the time that we would be going to the central part of the camp, they shut down the zipline. This caused the lines of the other activities to be even more bloated with people. 

After the rough start at the camp entrance, we all moved on to the main campus through a trail in the woods. I don’t remember what happened when we first arrived, but somehow it transitioned into painting ceiling tiles. This activity was admittingly fun and relaxing. And unlike in the beginning, everyone had something they could do. If you didn’t want to paint, the gym had a basketball hoop and pickleball courts. You could also walk around the camp or visit other people’s cabins. This was a great experience; however, it did not set up well for what happened during lunchtime.

About an hour later, we were directed to the main entrance to a large dining hall. After a short introductory speech, we quickly got seated and waited for our food. Now, I’m no Gordan Ramsey, nor am I a picky eater at all. In fact, I hold the unpopular opinion that school food is pretty good, but what they gave us was absolutely revolting. As I removed the covering from the large tin tray given to each table, a putrid mix of “cheese” and cylindrical pasta met my eyes. It had no smell. The macaroni was still stuck together so it was hard to separate. You could actually stab the thing with a fork and pick it up. I was hesitant at first, but knowing that we wouldn’t eat for the next several hours, I relented and scooped a chunk onto my plate. Hard, rubbery, and over-salted were the only fitting descriptions that came to mind when I took the first bite. As I ate more, I became increasingly thirsty and needed to constantly drink water in order to keep devouring the sludge. Halfway through. Suddenly, I hear a loud crunch as I bite down into a RAW MACARONI. I stopped eating after that.

Skipping to around 10, many of the activities around the camp were starting to end. Most of them were mundane and uninteresting, but they were good time killers. Ax throwing was a lot less fun than I thought it would be. The scavenger hunt was a chaotic mess. Karaoke was fine, but the improv comedy that followed afterward was awkward. When everything was done, it was already 11 and I was dead tired. The last activity before the end of the night was the bonfire. I didn’t want to go and didn’t have any energy, so I headed back to my cabin. To my surprise, some of my cabin mates were there as well. We chatted for a little while until one of the chaperones entered the room. He told us we weren’t allowed to be in the cabins at this time and needed to leave. Luckily, I was already in my sleeping bag and my bunk bed was tucked in the corner of the room, so I wasn’t seen. As my cabin mates left, one of them shut off the lights and locked the door. Now in complete darkness, I started to drift off into sleep…

Flash! A bright light illuminated the room. I had my eyes closed, but I could still feel the light shining on my face. Someone had come in and was checking for people. Stunned, I didn’t move a single muscle as I feared being caught. After a short period of time, I heard the door open and I caught a quick glimpse of the person. It was Officer Dunneback! There was no way he didn’t see me. I think what happened was he saw me but decided to let me sleep anyway. That’s a great person right there! 

Anyway, my final score for Senior Retreat is a 5/10 and I give Officer Dunneback a 10/10 for letting me sleep.