Have another Slice of Pizza

Have another Slice of Pizza

On average, Americans eat 46 slices of pizza each year, amounting to 23 pounds of pizza per year. Not only that, but Americans eat so much pizza that we consume 350 slices of pizza per second! That’s A LOT of pizza! But when did this craving, this hunger for pizza start in the United States? Allow me to explain.

Back in the late 1800s, lots of Italian immigrants arrived, and since they enjoy pizza so much, many opened up pizzarias. While this received lots of attention in the east coast, it took a few years before pizzarias began to open up in the west. The real crave for pizza began shortly after World War II, when some of the soldiers arrived from Italy and wished they could have pizza as they did when they were stationed in Italy. Because of this, pizzerias in the west coast began to appear and gain popularity.

Pizza is everywhere! At birthday parties, at sporting events, at school, and even at home, pizza is a staple in every household in the United States. But as delicious as it is, when you eat the same meal over and over and over again, it might make you go crazy trying to find something other than pizza to eat.

Being a part of a family of six, we often struggle between balancing all the sports, boy scout and girl scout meetings, theater practice, and social life. On top of that, we are always hungry to eat something. Back at our old house, we used to eat lots and lots of pizza for dinner. It was a quick meal that would satisfy us, and we tried a variety of pizza places to truly get a taste of which pizza place served the best pizza. Sometimes, we would use bread pans and make deep-dish pizzas in the comfort of our home, but that often took too much time, so we usually stuck with buying pizza instead. We were dedicated to Papa John’s for a while, and then we had a taste of Jet’s pizza. Soon after we visited Papa Murphy’s, and compared to Jet’s, their pizza had a thinner, more delicate crust. Later, we moved on to Hungry Howies, Domino’s, and more. But the one pizza place that ended up on the dinner table the most was Little Caesar’s. Their breadsticks, for starters, were deliciously soft and well-seasoned. Additionally, the crust was not too thick or thin but a perfect compromise, and their dipping sauces were great additions to both the pizza and the breadsticks. Yet, for me, I didn’t always enjoy eating the same meal over and over. After having pizza for lunch, the last thing I wanted was more pizza. But I was overruled, and we drove off to Little Caesar’s again.

I have eaten enough pizza in my life to last at least two other lifetimes, and I don’t blame people who claim that it’s their favorite food. It is delicious, and it’s a great time-saver for a busy day. But for me, pizza is just a regular food in my life; something ordinary, like a pair of shoes. Eventually, those shoes wear down, and so does my love for pizza. The more I eat it, the less I have a craving for it. However, if someone offered me a slice, how can I refuse? It’s pizza after all.

Do you like pizza? If so, what pizzeria do you prefer? Or are you a person who thinks pizza is mediocre compared to other foods? And the biggest question of all, should pineapple be allowed on pizza? Let us know in the comments!