The Grip

A hand claws at my throat, 

Threatening to take the breath out of my lungs. 

I try to stand up but a mighty force pushes me to my knees. 

I reach out to protect myself, 

But hands come from the dark and seize my arms, 

Restraining me. 

I try to cry out,

But no words escape me. 

I stare with wide eyes of fear into the black abyss. 

My thoughts become panicked, 

And stir around in my head. 

Everything is cold; 

Here, there is no soul. 

I don’t have much fight in me left. 

If only there was someone who could help.


I am getting weaker with every breath. 

My throat is closing up and my heart feels the pressure. 

But just as my eyes close shut, 

Just as I give up, 

I hear a voice call to me.

“You are the light of the world,” 

He says, 

“Do not be afraid. Stand up and shine.”


In that moment, 

I remember who I am. 

The pressure in my chest builds up, 

And I can feel my heart swell with something else. 

Not with pain, 

Or hatred, 

Or fear. 

But joy, 

And faith, 

And the power to persevere. 

A beam of light shoots out of me, 

And I am no longer being blinded by darkness. 

I am revealed in the light, 

And I can see clear. 

There is nothing left to fear. 

The hands clawing at my throat disappear as though they were never there, 

And my arms are no longer held down. 

My legs are strong as I stand up, 

Gasping for air. 

A calm breeze is inhaled through my lungs, 

And my jumbled thoughts of panic are quieted.


He made me strong. 

He made me who I am. 

He reminded me in the midst of my pain, 

He would always be there to stay. 

He is the truth. 

He is the light. 

He is the one who made me shine so bright. 

That’s why I owe it to Him each and every day, 

To help others who feel the same way. 

Who feel alone and afraid, 

Who struggle through each day. 

Who feel unsafe, 

And stressed, 

And feel as though their throat is compressed. 

When they think and they fear, 

I am here, 

Ready to help in any way I can. 

He has done the same for me time and again. 

He made me alive when I believed I was dead. 

He is the voice of hope.

He set me free and I am blessed. 

I no longer feel any stress.