Girl in Red drops new Single “October Passed Me By”

Marie Ulven Ringheim, more famously known as Girl in Red, dropped a new single on October 14th – “October Passed Me By.”  This song is a sequel to her most well-known song, “we fell in love in october,” and was recorded with Aaron Dessner, a Taylor Swift collaborator and a guitarist in The National.


In a statement made about both the song and the accompanying short film, she said, “‘October Passed Me By’ is where I’m at today, emotionally and musically,” 


Girl in Red began her career by posting Norwegian music to Soundcloud under the name “Lydia X”. In the November of 2016, after changing her name to “Girl in Red,” she released a single called “i wanna be your girlfriend,” which amassed around 5000 streams in five months. In 2018, she released two other singles – “Girls” and “Summer Depression,” which quickly helped her gain popularity as she became known for her songs that featured topics such as romance and mental health. In 2020, she released a new single, “Kate’s Not Here,” for the soundtrack of The Turning, a supernatural horror film. “October Passed Me By” follows Girl in Red’s debut 2021 album, “if i could make it go quiet,” which features one of her most popular songs, “midnight love,” 


In a final statement, Girl in Red says, “Grateful for what has been, and full of love for a very special person that made a huge impact on me as a person,” 


Below, you can watch the short film that came out alongside the single.