Jeopardy Tournament of Champions Preview


The 2022 Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions(TOC) begins on October 31 and it promises to be as exciting as a quiz show can be. For those who are unfamiliar with Jeopardy, it consists of three rounds in which questions increase in value. A correct answer adds the value to the contestant’s total while an incorrect answer subtracts the value from their total. The first two rounds each contain thirty clues divided into six categories. In the first round, those values are $200, $400, $600, $800, and $1000; they are doubled in the second round. In each game there are three Daily Doubles, for which the contestant can wager up to all of their total winnings. In the final round, the contestant is given the category then allowed to wager up to all of their total on the question. The contestant with the highest total wins the game.

Because of the high level of play shown throughout the year, the traditional format has been changed into a slightly different bracket. The three “superchampions” who have already each won over 20 games and $500,000 in regular season play will be considered seeded champions and are automatically placed in the semi-finals. The Second Chance tournament will have two winners placed into the TOC bracket. This tournament will be made up of players from the past year who lost in their first game, many to the three “superchampions”. As is traditionally the case, the winners of the Professors Tournament and the College Championship will be in the pool of winners. The remaining fourteen spots have been given to players who have won the most games this year. 

There will be six quarterfinal matchups, each between three contestants. The winners will move into the semifinals and will be placed into a game with another quarterfinal winner and a seeded champion. The winner of each semifinal matchup will be placed into the finals. This will be played until someone wins three games and has the possibility of up to seven games played. 

The three seeded champions are, in my mind, the three most likely to win the tournament. Amy Schneider of Oakland, California won the most games this season at 40 and won $1,382,800. Matt Amodio of New Haven, Connecticut won the most money this season in 38 wins totalling $1,518,601. Mattea Roach of Toronto, Ontario won 23 games and $560,983. Mattea’s relatively low(for a seeded champion) average total of $24,390 per game could get her in trouble against an aggressive opponent who hits big on a Daily Double, such as Andrew He or Eric Ahasic. Amy averaged $34,570 per game and Matt averaged $39,963 per game. The statistics for Amy and Matt are quite similar. The trait that determines success in Jeopardy more than anything else is buzzer skill. All players on the show are very smart, which makes being fast to ring in quite valuable. Amy rang in first 52.77% of the time while Matt rang in 56% of the time. However, Matt had twice as many unforced errors(being the first to buzz in and answering incorrectly) than Amy. Answering bottom row clues correctly helps build up cash for the Daily Doubles. Amy responded to 51.83% of bottom row clues correctly, while Matt responded to 59.1% of those clues correctly. Matt was marginally better on Daily Doubles, both in accuracy and amount wagered. Finally, Matt answered Final Jeopardy correctly 74.36% of the time, while Amy answered Final Jeopardy correctly 68.29% of the time. 

The nonseeded champions who I believe could swing an upset are Ryan Long of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who won 16 games and $299,240, Jonathan Fisher of Coral Gables, Florida who won 11 games and $246,100, and Andrew He of San Francisco, California who won 5 games and $157,365. Ryan buzzed in first 42.68% of the time and answered Daily Doubles correctly 63.64% of the time. Jonathan buzzed in first 44.05% of the time and answered Daily Doubles correctly 66.67% of the time. He also has a history of upsets as he defeated Matt Amodio in the regular season. Andrew He does not have advanced statistics as he did not win enough games, but he is an aggressive player as can be seen by his average of $31,473 per game. His style is volatile and often ends up with him winning big or losing big, which I believe could knock out a seeded champion.

My prediction for the tournament is that Matt Amodio wins. He has just the right mix of aggressiveness and consistency that can put together four very strong games to win the prize. 


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