Climb Every Mountain 

Maria Hillary

I am climbing the mountain, slowly and steadily. As I walk, my fears and worries fall behind me. The higher I go the faster I climb. I want to leave this world behind. I stop for a moment and stare at the view, seeing how my problems look so small from here. I continue climbing. 

I am almost at the top now, where I can finally be free. I stand at the peak of the mountain, and realize, to my horror, that another big mountain is in sight. Another challenge I have to overcome. I look down and below me is another valley I don’t want to end up in. As I stand there for a moment longer, the ground beneath me crumbles. I am falling, falling, falling down towards my problems and fears and worries. I will have to face them all again. I have made another mistake, and I’ve been transported back to the place I just escaped.