My Friends

A Poem.

My Friends

My Friends

One of my friends is smart.

Another one is grand. 

One of my friends is talented. 

But where do I stand?

One of my friends is kind.

Another one is funny.

One of my friends is cool.

But I am not cunning.

They are all one of a kind.

Yet here I stand on the side

With no special mind.

I watch them with both awe

And defeat.

They make things look like 

They’re an easy feat.

But I cannot move mountains. 

I cannot make flowers grow. 

I cannot make it snow or rain.

Yet I still try.

I try to be cool.

I try to be kind.

I try to be funny and cunning. 

I try to be talented and grand. 

So where in this special group

Of friends do I stand?