Staff Feature- Mr. Gallagher

Take a sneak peek into Mr. Gallagher’s life!


Mr. Gallagher and his two sons

Mr. Gallagher, full name: Colin Gallagher, is a multi-subject teacher at FHN. He has been teaching at Forest Hills Northern for 3 years and previously taught for 5 years at Plainwell High School.  At Northern, his varied repertoire of classes include AP Computer Science, Benchwoods, Advanced Woods, and Goneboarding. His favorite class to teach, however, is Advanced Woods. When asked why Gallagher says, “It is a class where students have chosen to further their skills from the beginner level into a more refined and advanced level, so you know the student wants to be there because they enjoy it. They begin to hone the skills they learned and apply them with a deeper level of understanding.”

My driving motivation was the ability to positively influence student’s lives the way that my high school Industrial Technology teacher affected my life.”

— Mr. Gallagher

Mr. Gallagher’s unique Industrial Technology in Education major from Western Michigan University and 8-year experience in the construction industry make him the perfect fit for these subjects. He has the right motivation for it too. “My driving motivation was the ability to positively influence students’ lives the way that my high school Industrial Technology teacher affected my life,” said Mr. Gallagher. Moreover, the several industrial technology classes are not the only classes he is qualified to teach. If he were to teach a different class,  “It would be History or geography. I have a minor in History,” said Mr. Gallagher. If you have ever had a conversation with him about history, his knowledge explicitly shines through. 

Mr. Gallagher has a lovely wife, two very adorable sons aged two and one, and a German Shepard / Husky dog named Ania. If you had him last year, you probably would have seen either of his kiddos on Zoom. In addition to his joyous personality at school, Mr. Gallagher is a very family-oriented person. His favorite weekend activity is, “Camping with the family, and an annual trip to Ludington State Park” (however, he camps in a camper, so I am not sure how valid that is). Furthermore, he is an avid traveler. His favorite place to visit is Greece and he wouldn’t miss a beat if he had a choice to live there. “I Would live in the town of Chania on the island of Crete, Greece. I like the culture, I love the food and just the overall pace of life there.” 

Mr. Gallagher and his two sons

Overall, he is a very sweet and intellectual person. He always has a lighthearted vibe in his classes and that’s what makes him a fun teacher. If it is a plus point for you, he also makes homemade maple syrup from scratch. If you haven’t been to his classroom yet, you should pay him a visit in E-47. Bring him a bottle of Cherry coke, Poland Spring Bottled Water, or dark chocolate candy and get to know him. Or, you can get him a gift card to Bistro Bella Vita, or anywhere for that matter.