Frozen in Time

Maria Hillary, Author

Frozen in time,

There’s nowhere to go.

Frozen in time, 

The zone is too slow.

I want to stay here, where there’s nothing to fear, 

But time is speeding up faster than I can run. 

I want to fix things, I want to change things, but how can I when I have gone too far into the future where I can’t turn back?

My mind is frozen in space, memories still frozen in place

From times long ago,

Long forgotten by others.

I want to turn back, 

To turn around.

To run in reverse on this track,

To stay planted to this ground. 

I want to take back my words,

Or say things that should’ve been spoken. 

Where mistakes can be repaired,

Where people really cared. 

My hope still clings to many different things.

Where I can fix the things that have been damaged and done,

Where I know there is no battle to be won. 

Frozen in time.

Now I’m back to the present. Boring, dull, and grey.

There’s nothing I can do to make you stay. 

Memories too quick to comprehend.

Seasons changing before my eyes.

Feeling that this nightmare will never end,

Wishing I could forget the echoes of my cries. 

 But out of the midst of the darkest cloud, 

I see a light, smaller than a sound. 

A glimmer of hope-I cling to it like a rope.

It takes me to a far away place where I begin to see the grace.

As fate guides me through this maze called life, 

The darkness tries to cut through me like a knife.

But I will not fear, because I can hear the voices calling to me with their small plea.

Believe in yourself. 

That is the key to living through this reality. 

Frozen in time.

I’m now looking forward, not back.

To try moving ahead.

I’m going to follow this lane on the track,

Stepping carefully as I tread.

Life isn’t pretty, yes that’s true, but we all have something to prove.

We can get through,

We have tried our best,

And we can deal with the rest.