Secrets, Stories, and Statements

Many people often wonder what their peers would do without the constraints of accountability. Are they thinking about me? What does everyone else think about this class? Do they care about anything? But many never voice their opinion out of fear of rejection and isolation. So what would happen if you gave these people a platform in which they could say whatever they thought without their name being dragged into it? Would people be mean, supportive, pessimistic, or would we find ourselves feeling more connected to each other, realizing that maybe someone else at the school shares the same belief or experience that you thought was unique to only you?


Theo Scheer and Tanvi Kulkarni

Prompt: Tell of a time you experienced profound joy.

“I had just moved from Arizona and had to take 3 tests in specific areas. For each, I had to go early in the morning and spend three hours taking it. It was very stressful, and they told me immediately after if I passed or failed. After I passed my final test I knew I was going to get my teaching license. I just had to wait for the state to process. “


“Summer of 2021 when I was in Europe and seeing all of my extended family for the first time in 8 years. We hadn’t gone before because it was expensive, and it was hard to get vacation time for my parents.”


“When I came back to Mexico from the US and had a traditional taco again. It was a very good taco. We call it El Pastor, which in English literally translates to pastor. Red meat, it was very delicious. It’s a very common taco there… It was good, the symbolism, remembering stuff I did. Being back home, seeing the things and places I used to see. My friends.”


“Last time I felt profound joy… probably 3 years ago, when I got a new dog. My old dog had died, and we went to the shelter to look at new ones. There was this one dog that had been really abused. She was under a year old. So we decided to get that dog. We had to go through all these visits. The first visit she was let out to mingle. She was so happy. Kinda nervous, but so happy. I felt the most joy when we brought her home. You could tell it was the first time she had a yard to run around in, and another dog to play with. When we first got them together, they bonded like sisters. They trust each other. We got my new dog when she was months old… so I guess I’ve had her about 2 and a half years. Her name is Gracie.”



“I don’t know, I would say homecoming was fun, but I don’t know that it was profound, and there were definitely tiring parts. Usually, when I’m profoundly joyful I’m also really tired.”


“When I was able to throw away my mask on the last day of school it was nice. I’m not anti-mask but it was seven hours maybe more every day. Or maybe it was the first day seeing everyone back because I missed people’s faces and smiles.”


“No offense to my children, but spending three hours with my best friend at Target. Not that my kids don’t bring me profound joy!”


“The birth of my youngest child. He was born on August 8th 2020. The fact that a child is a part of your soul, and being alive is enough to make you super happy. He is the happiest baby I have ever known. He just has the most joyful look on his face when he is happy.”


“The last time I was happy was in Arizona. It sounds corny, but I’m always happy around people and sad when I’m by myself. I feel empty. I need to get rid of it. “


“The last time I felt profound joy was when I was walking downtown with my friend. We were planning on studying together but ended up just wandering the town. I’ve never just walked around down there on my own before, and it was great to explore the city.”


“When I watched the last sunset before a rainy night, only to wake up and find the greenery around me shimmering with the reflection of the early morning sun.”